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قدم اول از هفت قدم به سمت نمره هفت آیلتس رایتینگ: به تمام قسمت های سوال پاسخ دهید

در قدم اول، باید بدانید که در تسک دو رایتینگ آیلتس از شما می خواهند که در مورد یک موضوع، مقاله بنویسید. برای رسیدن به نمره هفت رایتینگ تسک دو، باید سوال را با دقت بخوانید تا به تمام قسمت ها پاسخ داده شود. به عنوان مثال، در سوال زیر، شما باید 3 کار را انجام دهید تا به نمره بالاتری دست پیدا کنید، به ممتحن نشان دهید که به تمام قسمت های کار پرداخته اید.

نمونه رایتینگ نمره هفت زیر را با دقت مطالعه کنید:

Example question:  

Some people think that wild animals should not be kept in zoos. Others believe that there are good reasons for having zoos.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Present one view and then the other view, and then present your opinion

Wild animals are kept in zoos all over world. At present, zoos are a tourist attraction in many countries and need wild animals to attract visitors. I believe that wild creatures should not be kept in zoos and there should be alternative ways to see them.  

There are many good reasons for having zoos in our cities. Most importantly, they attract tourists and make money for city. Visitors get chance to see wild animals that they would not see unless they travelled far away. Rare species, like Chinese panda, or Indian tiger, or African rhino for example, are endangered and if we had no zoos they would die. Zoos care for these animals and give us chance to see them. Therefore, we cannot underestimate the educational importance of zoos.  

However, many people feel that wild animals should be free. They should not be kept in cages and small areas in zoo. This is cruel for animal and they often die because they is not in natural habitat. We frequently see news story about rare animals dying in zoos or getting sick because area is not big enough or suitable for wild animals like lions or polar bears. Also, these animals are unhappy and sometimes attack humans. Caging wild animals is unhealthy for the animals and is cruel. 

Both views put forward valid points, however, I strongly believe that zoos are no place for wild animals. If animals need to be cared for, they should be looked after in their natural habitat in game parks or wildlife reserves. Governments should look after the precious wild animals at their country and should close down zoos that profit from them. 

In conclusion, although people believe that zoos are good places to keep wild animals because they can earn money and educate people, I feel that we do not need zoos anymore. We can look at wild animals on the internet and we can feel happy knowing that they are free. 

این اولین قدم از هفت قدم به سمت نمره هفت آیلتس بود، مقاله های بعدی رو هم حتما دنبال کنین.

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